A Household Name Steps Into The Household Game: My Journey Building PropUp Store

Fatimah Mohsin Building PropUp Store Journey


Everyone knows that feeling of comfort and ease when they come home after a long day at work. What more coming back to a beautiful place you call home and your hard day at work just feels so worth it!

Not many know this fact but home décor is how I got into the creative business. I was super lucky to have my own room in my teens and redecorated the room like crazy! Before Hari Raya, I would change the colour, the layout, the decorations… everything. I found new ways to recreate the space, working with various colour combinations, cloths, and props.



It made me so happy that I eventually ventured into the creative field. Many of my friends and family know that I also enjoyed modifying my clothes — shorten the hem, cut off one sleeve, make it asymmetrical… You name it, I’ve done it. There’s always something I’m not satisfied with!

My passion for creative arts continued when I entered Lasalle International Fashion School pursuing my Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. I remembered taking a Visual Merchandising module in Laselle which I think is really relevant even up till today. I loved every minute of it, honing my talents and learning how to put them to good use.



So, with my personal experience and expertise in conceptualizing weddings and servicing brides over the past 16 years, I incorporated a décor package in my wedding business for a while. We no longer have that package now but with PropUp Store’s growth and if there’s demand, I might be open to having extra services… We’ll see!

Whenever I travel for meetings or overseas bridal engagements, I always keep an eye out for the home decor trends and unique pieces in each country. I love seeing how people across the world decorate their cosy abodes, and my crazy love for décor translated to me hand-carrying even bulky and fragile items, just so I can add to my own collection! 



I wondered, there had to be a better idea to bring these pieces back to Singapore and with that, Ramadan of 2015 was the “official” birth of PropUp Store. Why Ramadan? Because clearly nobody wants to get married in Ramadan right! Instead, everyone is busy decorating their homes and spring cleaning for Hari Raya. I thought it would be the best time to show that my magic touch applies to Raya homes too.

I personally handpicked the home decor items, brought back home and sold them online. MashaAllah, everything was snapped up so fast! I knew that I had a shot in this field and I went all out.

The next Ramadan 2016, PropUp Store opened 3 pop-ups, nationwide. Big Box, Tampines Mall and also, CelebFest Ramadhan at Suntec City. Ramadan of 2017, we got more ambitious and opened pop-ups at 2 new locations — Waterway Point and Northpoint City. Concurrently, I decided to create a multi-concept stop for Hari Raya shopping and organised CelebRaya at City Plaza, bringing prominent celebrity brands together in one place, such as Aaron Aziz, Diyana Halik, Adlina Anis, Jakel, Shahril Ishak, and of course, yours truly. Total madness, but it was really exciting! Also that year, we had a pop-up at Gardens by the Bay during Christmas. After all, good home design is appreciated no matter the season.



Then came 2018, where we had our biggest Ramadan run yet, continuing our CelebRaya at City Plaza and 2 other Ramadan bazaar stalls at Our Tampines Hub and Big Box making our affordable and elegant items easily available across the city.


We knew people loved to come and see our items in person, to be able to touch and better visualise their place in creating an intimate and cosy home. The business is generating a lot of buzz and every year we have gained loyal and repeated customers who are now some of our friends and very own brand advocates!



Finally, in September 2018 after the Ramadan craziness, we decided to open our very own brick-and-mortar shop, allowing our pieces to be accessible and available all year round. Our loyal customers don’t have to keep waiting for our pop up stores every Ramadan! With the entire first floor at 148 Arab Street dedicated to Propup Store, my team and I have managed to showcase our props in their finest. We update our collection frequently and bring in new arrivals every two months as I try to keep each collection to a certain level of exclusivity.



In 2019, I’m proud to say that Propup Store is now available offline and online 24/7, with the launch of this website!

I am so excited to keep going and see what’s next for us, but for now, here we are. Everything on this site has travelled such a long way to be with you.

Not only are the pieces in Propup Store carefully curated by me, but they are also inspired by international home decor concepts I thought would work great in Singapore and are worth replicating!

All our items are carefully selected and checked by our team to make sure they’re up to our standard of quality before being delivered to you. If you prefer to come down to see our wares in person, we’re always ready to welcome you at 148 Arab Street.



To sum up, I love channelling my personality through my own space in my humble abode and I want to share my love for home décor through PropUp Store. Come, take your shoes off, have a look around.

I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve received. Not to mention, I could not have done this without the help of my strong team. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook @propupstore.

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