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GSS: Experience Singapore kicks off with traffic-stopping fashion show in Orchard Road

Thankful that none of the gowns that her models were wearing tore during the catwalk, Fatimah Mohsin talks about her retail container, PropUp Store!


Singapore fashion designer Fatimah Mohsin goes from styling brides to dressing homes

  Fatimah Mohsin is hitting the runway with a new portfolio.

          The 44-year-old designer will be changing things up and selling exotic home accessories from her home furnishing brand, PropUp Store.

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From dressing brides to dressing living rooms

            From twirling brides in their gowns to spicing up homes, read on how Fatimah Mohsin does everything.


Fatimah Mohsin is expecting the sales of her home decor items to grow

               More celebrities are now running their own businesses. Read up on how Singapore’s famous bridalwear designer, Fatimah Mohsin, is now dressing homes as well.


Brand ‘Fatimah Mohsin’ remains relevant despite the changing economy

                The famous fashion designer, Fatimah Mohsin, re-opens a shop in Arab Street that not only features her wedding dress collection but also a variety of items under her home decor brand, PropUp Store.