Go Big and Gold Home! 3 Inspirational Ideas to Add Gold to Your Home Decor

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but everyone loves a little bit of gold. 

No one can deny that adding just the right touch of gold to the home elevates everything to look a little more opulent. Some might even say magical. Gold decor brings that touch of sophistication and elegance, making any home feel a little more luxurious.  

But just a tad too much, and the house goes from golden to gaudy. Finding the right balance is key to adding gold decor items to your home. Here at PropUp Store, we love our gold decor and we’re here to make sure that it finds just the right place in your home, whether in the living room or in the hallway. 


Opulence Gold Dinnerware


1) Gold as a statement piece 

One of the most accessible ways to start adding gold to your home decor is by incorporating gold statement pieces to your current look 

Statement gold accessories are usually strong enough to hold their own while being versatile enough to complement your current colour scheme. While generally paired best with black or white, gold accessories can easily blend in with the rest of your decor no matter the colour, while creating a subtle focal point and elevating the look of your room. 

If you’re like us, you definitely have some things you just can’t leave home without. Sunglasses, keys, hand sanitizers, mini perfume, and maybe some spare change? Keep track of those little things you need by giving them home right by the door in a gold oblong tray. 

As functional as it is pretty, this standalone beauty will add just the right amount of opulence to the gateway of your home. 

Keep it on a table just by the door, and watch this solid gold accent piece catch the attention of anyone exiting or entering the home. You’ll be sure to set the tone for guests as they first come in, and also to remember to take anything you need just before leaving. 

If you prefer a bolder approach, our opulence gold dinnerware is the way to go. With far more pieces to play with, the options are endless based on your creativity! 

To start simple, serve your guests their welcome drinks in the gold mugs. This introduces the element of gold to your home in a very direct manner. As they mill about the house, the gold goes with them, creating a moving flow of gold throughout the home. While bold, this is also a safe option as the mugs can always be removed after they are done with their drinks. 

The solid gold plates in the collection, while great as dinnerware, can also serve as accent pieces if you frame them right. Hang the plates up on a wall and you can create your own gold wall decoration to draw the eyes while reflecting more light into the home.


Gold Honeycomb Cushion Covers


2) Gold detailing 

Gold leaf is often used to take food up a notch in the hierarchy of dining. Similarly, instead of solid gold pieces, flecks of gold can be placed throughout your house to give it a quick lavish uplift. 

As a gold decor idea, gold honeycomb cushion covers are a treat for any living room looking to up its luxury factor. With a mix of white and gold honeycomb patterns, these cushion covers add enough of a Midas touch to be noticeable, but not so much that it overpowers the current decor, creating a lush atmosphere for a more luxuriously relaxing afternoon. 

Set some clear canisters with gold lids on the table, fill them with some snacks, and the living room is ready to host any guest.  

Perfect for the family on those cosy Netflix nights too! 


White-Gold Elegant Cutlery Set


3) As subtle as possible 

Subtlety is another fabulous way to go with gold. There’s something exciting about catching just a faint glimmer and having to do a double take just to be sure. That’s an impact. 

At the dining table, sneak a little gold into the decor by using gold-rimmed tablewareGold rims are a perfect way to go as subtle as possible while still going for that delicate gold look. 

Layer on the subtlety by pairing it with other marble accents that are not gilded up, such as a marble table runner. The sky blue of the table runner complements the grey-white marble of the tableware, and serve to add a pleasing background for the gold highlights to shine through.  

If you’d like just a little more pizzazz, the white-gold elegant cutlery set adds a little more gold to the table as guests dine, but still within the balance of the entire set up. 

For more subtle touches of goldgilded coasters can also add a quick sprinkle of gold around a home, whether you use them for decoration or as… well, coasters!


PropUp Store GSS Container Pop Up at Orchard Road


With all that in mind, we hope you now have the confidence to add opulence and elegance to your home decor with PropUp Store’s goldenware. Visit our retail container at Mandarin Orchard (in front of Victoria Secret) for your GSS shopping now through Sunday, 30 June 2019. Can’t wait to bring the gold into your home! 

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